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This collection includes the best glassware options for improving the taste of your red or white wine. We only stock high quality glassware such as Chef & Sommelier and Luigi Bormioli. To ensure safety and easy access for your glassware, consider looking into some bar cabinets. 

  • Chef & Sommelier Sublym Decanter - 2L - Lushmist
    Chef & Sommelier Sublym Decanter - 2L - Lushmist
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    Original Price $170.00
    Current Price $150.00
    Chef & Sommelier

    Chef & Sommelier Sublym Decanter - 2L

    Description Introducing the elegant and sophisticated Chef & Sommelier Sublym Decanter, the perfect addition to any wine lover's collection. C...

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    Original Price $170.00
    Current Price $150.00
    Save $20.00

What Is The Best Wine Glass For Me?


It is important to have the best type of glassware for different types of wines and cocktails because the right glass can enhance the flavour and aroma of your drink. Different types of wine glasses are designed to bring out the unique characteristics of specific drinks, and using the wrong glass can actually diminish the overall experience. For example, a tall, narrow glass is best for sparkling wine because it allows the bubbles to rise to the top, while a wide-rimmed glass is better for white wine because it allows the wine to breathe and release its full flavour and aroma. Similarly, a highball glass is ideal for cocktails because it provides plenty of room for mixing ingredients and adding ice, while a martini glass is perfect for a classic martini because its long stem and conical shape help to keep the drink cold. 


If you are a wine enthusiast, investing in high-quality glassware is essential for fully enjoying your favourite wines. The right glass can enhance the flavour and aroma of your wine, and it can also add a touch of sophistication to your home. When it comes to glassware, there are several key factors to consider.


Does Shape Matter?

The shape of the glass can affect the way your wine tastes. For example, a glass with a narrow rim and a tall bowl is ideal for sparkling wine, while a glass with a wide rim and a shallow bowl is better for white wine. 


What Material Should I Look For?

The material of the glass is also important. Glasses made of high-quality crystal or lead-free glass can help to preserve the flavour and aroma of your wine, while cheaper glasses can affect the taste. Finally, the size of the glass can also be important. Larger glasses allow more air to come into contact with the wine, which can enhance its flavour, while smaller glasses are better for preserving sparkling wine. 


Overall, investing in high-quality glassware is an essential step for any wine enthusiast who wants to fully enjoy their favourite wines. By using the right glassware for your drinks, you can fully appreciate their flavours and aromas and enhance your overall enjoyment.