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Upright Wine Fridge

Premium Wine Fridge & Coolers, Furnishing, Commercial & Bar Fridges Australia

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We are the leading Australian supplier of the best wine fridge, coolers, commercial fridges, and bar essentials. We strive to make every drinking experience filled with opulence and sophistication. Whether you're a beginner or a wine connoisseur, we guarantee that you'll find enjoyment in storing wine and serving wine to all your guests.



Single Zone Wine Fridges

If you would like one particular type of wine set to a consistent temperature, our single-zone wine fridge and coolers are perfect to have on hand. We have wooden shelving and metal shelving options to suit your tastes.

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Dual Zone Wine Fridges

Avid wine lovers will adore our dual zone wine fridges that can store multiple bottles at different temperatures, catering to different red wine and white wine options.

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Beer & Wine Fridges

Beer or wine? Now you don’t have to choose anymore. Cater to all kinds of drinkers with our selection of beer and wine fridges perfect for your next party. You'll have more than enough space to store your favourite wine and beers.

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Commercial Fridges

Unlike a normal fridge, our commercial fridges are the ideal choice for restaurants and bars. Our range is designed to keep your food and drink safely stored using our cooling technology.

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Bar Carts

We offer an exceptional range of luxurious bar carts to store your wine and glassware. Serving wine has never felt more lavish.

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The tip to a perfect wine is not just about the right temperature but the glassware it’s served with. Enhance your drinking experience with our gorgeous range of glassware - all served in a variety of different shapes and styles arranged to your liking.

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The team here at Lushmist are all passionate about food and wine, so we know how to serve and store your bottles best. We've curated the perfect selection of wine fridges, wine storage, and bar furnishing to enhance your space and make every sip feel like smooth velvet. Dip your toe into luxury and take a sip. We can guarantee that you and your guests are will feel pampered having a glass at your home or restaurant.  

Peruse through our range to see how you can elevate your space, or if you have any questions, feel free to speak to our team today to begin a life of pure bliss.

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