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Single-Zone Wine Fridge & Coolers

  • 152 Litre Under Bench Glass Door Wine Fridge - Lushmist
    152 Litre Under Bench Glass Door Wine Fridge - Lushmist
    Kings Bottle

    152 Litre Under Bench Glass Door Wine Fridge

    Description This 46 Bottle Wine Fridge is made with a top of the line Embraco Inverter compressor and a built in front vent, making it perfect as...

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  • Black door wine fridge
    Upright wine fridge with wooden shelves
    Kings Bottle

    405L Upright Glass Door Wine Fridge Refrigerator

    Description May we present to you this beautiful single zone wine fridge with the latest compressor technology, making this unit eco friendly and ...

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  • under bench Wine Fridge from kings bottle
    from $1,524.50
    Kings Bottle

    110 Litre Wine Fridge

    Description This compact Wine Fridge stores 28 wine bottles and can be built into cabinetry or under bench tops. It has 4 wooden shelves which sli...

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    from $1,524.50

Shop Single-Zone Wine Fridge & Coolers

If you are a fan of one particular type of wine, whether you are strictly a red, white, or even rosé, having a reliable wine cooler is essential. These types of wine coolers can only be set at one temperature range, assuring you can serve your wine straight out of the fridge at the ideal temperature of your choice.

Our wine coolers are the perfect way to store your ever-increasing wine collection and to give you and your guests a chilled beverage that is suitable for every occasion. By purchasing one of our products below, you can guarantee your favourite vintages are kept in the best storage possible, giving you total peace of mind knowing it is tucked away safely.

Here at Lushmist, we have the best & affordable single-zone wine fridges for all wine collectors and bottle displays in Australia. This collection includes under-bench wine fridges and large wine fridges, which are tailor-made for any space. In our selection below, we offer a range of luxury brands, including Airflo, FED, LeCavist, Linarie, Kings Bottle, Polar, Schmick, Vincel and Devanti. We have every kind of wine cooler perfect for every type of drinker.  

Feel free to peruse our products below or speak to our team today to get started.

Lavish, Luxurious, Lushmist

At Lushmist, we want to help elevate your space and create the perfect ambience with the help of good and reliable wine. Offering the finest wine cooler systems on the Australian market, we hope to make every drinking experience feels like a luxurious and whirlwind escapade. Our products are curated to assure that anyone who drinks wine, whether they are just a beginner or a connoisseur, can enjoy every single sip they take. By having the convenience of a wine cooler on hand, you'll have the right drink to pair with every occasion.

With our double-glazed glass door options, tidy shelving system, and touch control panel, our wine cooler ensures you will have your drink chilled at any temperature of your choosing. Our precision thermoelectric cooling technology is designed to keep your drinks always at the right temperature. You will never have to worry about your bottles getting spoiled. Our selection of products also has a wine bottles storage capacity of about 150 wine bottles in a cooler, allowing you to place all your precious vintages all in one place.

By purchasing one of our esteemed products, you are opening the door to a life full of eloquence, sophistication and bliss.

If you are looking to purchase a dual-zone wine fridge, you can explore our range here.  

What is a Wine Fridge?

If you are a wine lover, a wine fridge is a must-have appliance for your home. Wine fridges are designed specifically for storing wine at the optimal temperature, which helps to preserve the flavours and aromas of the wine and prevent it from spoiling. A single-zone wine fridge is a type of wine storage appliance that is designed to store and chill wine at a consistent temperature with the help of our prescribed temperatures. This is an ideal choice for those who are set on their favourite types of wine and have a small-sized collection.

What Are the Types of Single Zone Wine Fridges Available?

The types of single-zone wine fridges for wine include under-bench wine fridges, upright wine fridges, and countertop wine fridges.

When deciding which underbench wine fridge to invest in, you will need to choose the most appropriate fridge for your space.

You can find wine fridges to suit your budget, from affordable to extravagant. This collection includes a range of fridges for wine that can accommodate spaces, including homes, kitchens, cafes, and restaurants.

Particularly, our Devanti Wine Coolers are a popular choice out of our range because of its extensive applications.

What Are the Benefits & Features?

There are several benefits to using a single-zone wine fridge, including aesthetics, convenience, energy efficiency, and increasing capacity for wine storage. As a result, these wine fridges will ensure your wine bottles are stored at their optimal temperature to enhance the ageing process.

Having a stylish and compact design, they feature effective and secure storage benefits/features, including:

  • Circulating cooling fan system
  • Double-glazed glass door
  • Easy temperature adjustment
  • Energy-saving technology
  • Excellent insulation
  • Handy child lock
  • LED lighting
  • UV-resistant glass door
  • Wooden shelving

The Perfect Reliable Wine Cooler for the Lush Life

At Lushmist, we are paving the way as the premier wine cooler supplier Australia has on offer, curating the most exquisite selection of local commercial and wine fridges and bar furnishing. Our selection of single-zone wine fridges is guaranteed to keep your most precious wine in a neat and tidy shelving system. With our help, we aim to make every drinking experience taste like smooth velvet. Your guests are sure to feel pampered with a glass from your fridge.  

If you are looking to expand your wine collection at the perfect temperature, browse through our products and feel free to get in touch with our team for any queries you may have.