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Your Guide to Under The Counter Wine Fridges - Lushmist

Your Guide to Under The Counter Wine Fridges

Have you thought about owning a wine fridge, although you don't have the extra space for a fridge? Or you may have some under counter space you might want to fill in - but don’t quite know what to do with the space. 

Under the counter wine fridges are exactly what you need to store your wine collection whilst saving space and keeping your kitchen or entertaining space modern and sleek. 

If you haven’t read our 'What you need to know before buying a wine fridge' blog post, here is a quick run down on wine coolers (click here for access to our other blog posts to catch yourself up):

  • A cooler provides temperature stability and can avoid exposure to harsh temperatures (especially in our Australian climate!)
  • Storing your collection in its optimal environment can facilitate the ageing of wine
  • Placing wine bottles on their sides can help prevent the cork from drying out (Keeping your wines standing up can cause oxygen to seep into the bottle and as a result, the wine is undrinkable

A major benefit about purchasing an under counter wine fridge is for the front-facing vent feature. This allows the heat produced from the fridge to escape away from the unit, which allows for a fully functioning fridge underneath counters in any room in your home. 

Here are some things to consider before you purchase your next small wine fridge

1. The size of your collection

While you may think that smaller wine fridges store a smaller amount of wine bottles, this is not always the case. Some single zone and dual zone under counter wine chillers can actually store up to 60 bottles of wine!
There are even some options for up to 12 bottles as well - so can potentially have a lot of choices to meet your specific needs. 

If you have the space, you can even add 2 (or more!) under the counter wine fridges side by side. The beauty of this is the added variations which it provides you, for example, some wine fridges feature a reversible door and handles option, allowing you to create a French door effect. Some features include separate sections for wine and canned beverages, side by side, so you can have the perfect bar fridge and wine fridge combo. 

*note: Some small under the counter wine fridges can also be used as countertop fridges

2. Where to store your wine cabinet 

The placement versatility of under the counter wine coolers are quite endless, as long as they are stored properly and within the instructions provided in the user manuals. 

Popular options include a glass door wine fridge in kitchens, dining rooms, entertainment spaces and even under cover alfresco spaces. This means you can always have ready to serve drinks at your convenience.

3. The type of drinks you want to keep chilled 

While you may want to store wine bottles in a safe and appropriate space whilst facilitating the ageing process, you can get more bang for your buck by purchasing wine and bar fridge combinations so you can chill other beverages as well. A popular option is to purchase dual zone wine fridges and bar fridges which allow you to store different types of bottles, as well as canned beverages. Some combinations and dual zone fridges allow you to store red and whites in correct temperatures, whilst also having the ability to store beverages such as soft drinks - perfect for entertaining your guests!

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