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Are Wine Coolers Worth It? - Lushmist

Are Wine Coolers Worth It?

Considering buying a wine cooler but not sure if they’re worth it? We’ve compiled a guide in helping you with your next wine cooler/fridge.

A wine cooler can be for a person who is beginning their wine journey, to someone who has been collecting for years and finally needs a space where their wines will age in the most optimal conditions.

Not everyone needs a wine cooler, but for certain people, wines are like prized possessions that deserve to be displayed to your friends and family.

The most common question anyone asks themselves before buying this item is “do I really need one?”. In short, yes you do need one for your bespoke home. Here are a few reasons to help define if a wine cooler is more of a “want” than a “need”. 

You drink more for taste

Some people that drink wine really enjoy it purely just for taste, and when it comes to taste, a wine must be stored in an environment that’s catered to temperature and humidity.

You have a kitchen or entertainment room that has ample space

Having a kitchen that has ample space can give you that opportunity to fill that space with a wine cooler. A small cavity underneath the kitchen bench, or space on top will be perfect for a smaller sized wine cooler. Whereas, a larger wine fridge will be more for a bespoke area of the kitchen needing a larger cavity, which can fit seamlessly next to your kitchen fridge.

You have multiple bottles of wine (in storage)

If you’re a person housing more than 4 bottles of wine, it is considered a collection. That being said, you are considered a wine collector, and you may want to consider buying a wine cooler.

You are reading this article

If you landed on this blog, you are considering buying a wine cooler. The chances of you purchasing will increase after reading this blog.

Consider these things before buying:


Depending on the brand of wine cooler you purchase, some may emit a noise similar to your kitchen fridge. This is dependent on the type of compressor being used in the wine cooler.


Consider the size of the space you’re looking to put a wine cooler in. If you live in a small house/apartment it might be more difficult to find a place for a tall standing wine cooler. For a smaller place, you can opt in for a countertop type of wine cooler that can house 11-28 bottles of wine.

A bigger place will be more beneficial for a single standing unit that can house 40-100 bottles.

High price point

These wine coolers are an investment, so it is important to make sure you pick the perfect wine cooler for your home.

Most wine coolers will have all stock standard single and dual zone temperature controls with LED lighting. Please consider all of the above before making a purchase to ensure you are satisfied with your wine cooler.

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