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Bar Carts Or Bar Cabinets? - Lushmist

Bar Carts Or Bar Cabinets?

Have you ever considered buying bar furniture for your living room or outdoor area? The trend of these products seems to be increasing as homes are becoming more bespoke and requiring a modern aesthetic for the family and guests to entertain.

Whether you prefer a kitchen cart or a liquor cabinet will have a lot to do with whether you want the booze on show or put away safely in a cabinet. At Lushmist we love both as we want our prized wine and spirits to be stored away in a cabinet accumulating dust to give it that “expensive” look, whereas our bar carts will be on display for that easy access drink (who doesn’t love their drinks to roll straight towards you while sitting down?).

Bar Cabinets:

One of the best things about a bar cabinet is that it fits seamlessly into any setting within your home. A liquor cabinet will ideally house your favourite wines & spirits, as well as displaying your glassware.

Some bar cabinets for home come with fixed wine racks on the side to allow your glasses to hang right above, and the other side can be catered to the harder liquor. Others may have more a bespoke design with glass shelving. 

If you do opt in to choose a bar cabinet with doors (or without) over a bar cart, it will effortlessly be able to integrate with your other furniture as it can act as just another piece of furniture, leaving your guest surprised (in a good way) once you open those cabinet doors for entertainment.

Bar Carts:

The appeal of a bar cart from Australia will excite yourself and your guest every time you roll it out. They are styled so luxuriously that it’ll become a main attraction in any setting of the house, whether it may be indoors or outdoors.

The beauty about a liquor cart is that it comes in many different types and sizes to fit all your needs. From a marble base with gold trimmings, to a mirrored base with white marble, all bar carts are custom and luxe to fit the needs of the user for any occasion.

Remember before buying a bar cart, consider the size and what you want to display as it is wide open for the rest of the house to see, leaving daily temptations ;). Whereas, if you’re pressed for space, a smaller size bar cart will still be just as functional and can be easily stored in between furniture.

Final notes:

If it’s a bar cabinet or a bar cart, you won’t go wrong with buying either one (or both). Here at Lushmist we offer a wide range and free delivery to all metropolitan areas in Australia.

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