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Single Zone Wine Fridges vs Dual Zone Wine Fridges - Lushmist

Single Zone Wine Fridges vs Dual Zone Wine Fridges

Ever wondered what is the difference between a single zone and a dual zone wine fridge?
Well, there are a few differentiating factors that come into play when deciding which one is right for your home. 

In this article/blog we will go through the key differences between a single zone and dual zone wine fridge/cabinet.

 The main difference is temperature.

You will notice in a single zone wine fridge you can manually adjust the temperature for the wine fridge/cabinet by pressing a few buttons. Generally speaking the ideal temperature for a single zone wine fridge/cabinet will be 12.7 degrees (which is arguably the most accurate temperature for red & white wine storage).

Whereas a dual zone wine fridge/cabinet (as the name suggests) will have two zones where you can manually adjust the temperature to store various wines which may require different temperatures to enhance flavour and depth of your wines. This means you can store both red and white wines within the same fridge allowing you to save space and ultimate convenience. 

Pros & cons for a Single Zone Wine Fridge:


  • The aesthetic design of amassing a certain type of wine can be proudly displayed in a single zone wine fridge
  • Straight forward design that requires minimal adjustment to temperature
  • Generally, more affordable than dual or multi zone wine fridges
  • You can buy multiple single zone wine fridges to make your home even more superior


  • Only one setting for temperature which makes it hard to store different types of wine which require different ambient settings

Pros & Cons for a Dual Zone Wine Fridge:


  • For the ultimate wine lovers who has been collecting different types of wines and require different temperature settings
  • You don’t need to purchase multiple wine fridges, just buy one and you’re good to go


  • Price range will be slightly above a single zone wine fridge
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