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Glassware Must Haves

New to hosting dinner parties? Want to upscale your home bar accessories? Or simply want to update your drinking glasses?

Having nice glassware can easily elevate the drinking experience and it will allow you to serve drinks for every occasion and for a variety of beverages. While you might be feeling overwhelmed with the large amount of options out there, it doesn't have to be hard. It all depends on your style and pairing the right glass with the type of beverage you are serving. 

You might want to consider having the following types of glassware in the case that you might serve specific drinks:

  1. Wine glasses
    (for white, red and rose)
    The absolute must have to drink wine in. There are different shapes and sizes for wine glasses which are dependent on the type of wine you are drinking. Using the correct type of wine glass can affect the taste of the wine as it is all about how the shape of the vessel gathers aromas and pours into the mouth. 
  1. Champagne Glasses
    (for Champagne & Champagne cocktails)
    Not only are champagne glasses a sign of class and elegance. The tall flute-like shape of the glass is made for keeping the drink cold and bubbly for longer.
  2. Cocktail glasses
    (varying cocktails)
    There are an array of cocktail glasses such as Martini and Coupe. It all depends on your taste and the type of cocktails you might generally like to make. 
  3. Decanters
    (for serving wine)
    A decanter is a vessel used to serve wine. Its purpose is to elevate flavours and the experience of drinking wine by letting it breathe and allowing sediment to fall to the bottom of the carafe. You can decant both red and white wine and is great for presentation or simply to appreciate the depth of aged wine. A decanter is highly recommended for serving aged wine you have collected over many years. 
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