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5 Best Places To Put Your Wine Fridge - Lushmist

5 Best Places To Put Your Wine Fridge

Considering purchasing a wine fridge, but don’t know where you would put it? 

Firstly, you should think about the size and space your home permits, which will allow you to better envision a space to put your wine fridge. The best place to put your next wine fridge will be somewhere that is easily accessible to you and your guests. There are many locations in your home you could put your wine fridge in.

Before we look at locations, here is an overview of what you need to know about wine fridges.

Here is a breakdown of 5 places in your home you could choose from.
Just imagine the next time you are popping open a bottle of one of your favourite wines - it could be in one of the follow areas:

1. Kitchen

This is by far the most popular place for wine fridges/coolers. Whether it be entertaining dinner guests or you simply want to enhance the aesthetic in your kitchen, it is a very convenient place to keep wine readily available. Having a wine fridge in the kitchen allows you to quickly and easily grab your favourite bottle of wine to wind down at the end of the day, or entertain guests for a special occasion. Some twin and multi zone wine fridges allow you to store more than just wine bottles, but also drink cans and glass bottles, which makes it a more convenient storage space for beverages. 

2. Wine cellar 

A cellar is a perfect location to store a wine fridge for avid collectors who have many prized wines that they have collected over the years. Due to dark and poor lighting areas in your home, this may be a reason you might find it difficult to age your wines. This is why a wine fridge/cooler would be best suited in a cellar, as it will allow you to control the environment in which you store wine. This will provide the ultimate and most ideal temperature for your collection.

3. Dining room 

This is suited for the frequent host/hostess, as a wine fridge in your dining room will allow your friends and family to be in awe of the wide variety of wines that you have collected over the years. When you want to celebrate with guests or they are feeling parched, the easily accessible wine fridge in the dining room will surely keep your friends and family entertained and their bellies filled with wine. 

4. Den or Entertainment Area 

Many bespoke home owners will have a dedicated area to display and store their favourite wines. A den or entertainment area is a great place to place your newly bought wine fridge. Unwinding after a long day at work, what better place to grab yourself a glass of wine in your entertainment area with your modern wine fridge. 

If you have an alfresco, you might also consider an outdoor modern wine fridge to expand and update your entertainment areas. 

5. Countertop or Under Bench 

Many home owners may not have the luxury of having extra space dedicated for an upright wine fridge. Therefore, a countertop wine fridge is an excellent choice to store and age your wines. The great thing about a countertop wine fridge is that it only requires a powerpoint close by and you’re ready to go. 

On the other hand, many modern homes allow you to store items underneath countertops. Under bench wine fridgesare fantastic for saving space and enhancing the upscale look and aesthetic of your home. 

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