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Does My Kitchen Really Need a Fridge for Wine? - Lushmist

Does My Kitchen Really Need a Fridge for Wine?

Just like you would use a kitchen fridge to keep your food, drinks and produce fresh - you should know that your wine bottles need the same amount of care to maintain and preserve the strength and robustness of the flavour of the wine. 

Wine fridges are becoming immensely popular as they are featured in many new and modern homes. Apart from the aesthetic, a fridge for wine is a great option for all, whether you are a proud wine enthusiast or even if you just have a small amount of bottles lying around ready to serve your guests. 

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The main differences between a fridge for wine and a conventional refrigerator is temperature, humidity and vibration.

What should I consider before buying a fridge for wine?

  • What are your wine consumption habits?
    How often do you consume wine? Are you a big host/hostess and love keeping your guests hydrated? 
  • Do you own or collect white, red and sparkling wine?
    Having an assortment of wine types means you might need a dual or multi zone wine fridge 
  • Do you have the space for one?
    Wine fridges are not only for large spaces, as there are many size options and convenient places to store it. 

All in all, a fridge for wine may seem really extravagant and expensive, however some of the best wine fridges can be very affordable. 

What are the benefits of owning a fridge for wine? 

  • Owning a wine refrigerator means you can store your wine bottles in its optimal temperature, which means you can keep them stored fresher, for a longer period of time
  • Like your normal food refrigerator, it gets opened often, which can be harmful to your wine bottles due to the constant temperature changes. 
  • Wine fridge technology maintains humidity levels to avoid drying out the corks. By achieving ideal humidity levels, it can keep your corks moist and slow down the ageing process of your most special wines. 

Where do I start?

Size and location are the key factors prior to shopping around for your next wine refrigerator. Observe the space in your home where you want to store your fridge so you can determine the appropriate sized wine cooler. There are many sizes to choose from such as:

Mini wine fridges hold up to 12 bottles

Small can hold up to 25 bottles

Medium can hold up to 60 bottles

Large can hold over 100 bottles

If you are trying to choose the right location for the fridge, remember you can also consider having a freestanding wine refrigerator that can fit into cavities in your kitchen or an under bench wine fridge, which is an efficient way to save space. 

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Overall, these are the main points to consider prior to shopping for a fridge for wine. Other things you may want to consider are the running costs, however the best wine refrigerators feature energy saving compressor technology to bring down those potential extra costs. 

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